Project Description
Sixport is the C# port of the hexter DSSI software synthesizer plugin created by Sean Bolton and others. hexter is an open source emulation of the legendary Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. Changes done: OOP structure, algorithm specific rendering, LADSPA removal, speed improvements.

Additional notes
Original hexter could be found here:

Sixport differences are the following:
  • Port to C#
  • Removed the following:
    • LADSPA interface functions
    • locking/mutex mechanisms
    • overlay buffer
  • Added the following:
    • OOP structure
    • DX7 algorithm specific calculation inlining for speed improvement
    • Rendering speed improvements (around 3x faster than original raw port)
    • Silverlight 4 compatible code (currently introduced to Pluto:

Still to do:
  • Clean up
  • Parallel rendering
  • Additional optimization

Currently renders 160 seconds of audio in 3.4 seconds (without parallel rendering of synth instances).

Additional notes will be added later, the project is still in its early phase.

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